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COVID 19 Emergency Plan

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Emergency Plan for BISHOP’S FUNERAL HOME

Bishop’s Funeral Home understands the severity and the risk involved with the Coronavirus. As a public entity we want to inform you that we are taking all necessary precautions to ensure that we reduce your risk to exposure while in attendance at our facility.

We are monitoring all communications distributed by the New Brunswick Department of Public Health with regard to all information on the Coronavirus (Covid-19).

To ensure that your risk is minimized while in attendence at our facility we have put the following Emergency Plan into place:

Our staff are making environmental cleaning procedures top priority at our facility. All door handles, knobs, faucets, toilets, water fountains, as well as any surfaces that come into human contact will be diligently cleaned with an antibacterial agent.

Receptions and hot beverage service will be suspended during this time to limit exposure as it could be harmful to someone with a weakened immune system. Individual water bottles will be available by request (for as long as water bottle are available to us).

 Personal space zones will be created between family members of the deceased to keep from spreading of the virus by personal contact (social distancing). For the immediate future it has been advised that any services be limited to immediate family only and 30 people or less. We ask that physical contact, such as shaking hands or hugging and kissing be limited.

Our staff will present several options to your family with regard to keeping you safe and still allowing you to have some type of a service.

Hand sanitizer and facial tissues will be available.

Only with the permission of next of kin of the deceased, systems will be put into place to make available Celebration of Life events electronically (on a delayed schedule) over the internet.

We encourage the use of our online guestbooks for condolence messages to the family.

We are also suspending cash donations for the time being. Most of the charities we deal with have an online payment option for contributions.

Honoring and remembering a life are what we are all about. Public health and safety are first and foremost in our minds during this time. We have devised this emergency plan for your protection, but we advise that if you have any concerns or apprehension about attending our facility, please stay safe at home.

 Jim Bishop & the staff of Bishop’s Funeral Home